Prof. James Robson, Dr Kathryn Tempest and Máirín O’Hagan

The first half of the 2018-2019 academic year has seen three fantastic lectures by our speakers Prof. James Robson (Open), Dr Kathryn Tempest (Roehampton) and Máirín O’Hagan (Barefaced Greek).

In September, James Robson gave a lecture on Beauty, Sexuality and Desire in Classical Athens. This covered a huge range of material from Athens, including vase paintings and comedy. We particularly enjoyed Prof. Robson’s analysis of bridal costumes, and how far these overlapped with the typical clothing of hetairi. Prof. Robson was once an undergraduate student at Exeter, and we were very pleased to welcome him back!

At the end of last term, Dr Kathryn Tempest gave a fascinating paper on fake letters in antiquity – particularly those (in both Latin and Greek) attributed to Marcus Junius Brutus. Were these forgeries, fakes, imaginary or rhetorical exercises? Who wrote them and why? This was material that most of the audience had never seen before, and we had many questions for Dr Tempest on the identity of the mysterious ‘Mithradates’ who claimed to have written them.

We started off the second half of the year with a film screening and Q&A from Máirín O’Hagan of Barefaced Greek Productions. We were very pleased to get the chance to watch the films and hear about some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into them. We also got some hints about the next three films which will be coming out soon! You can watch all the Barefaced Greek films online for free on their website. Get in touch with the producers if you find them helpful.

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